At LAX Aquarium, our Tank Specialist offer the finest in aquatic care and client satisfaction. In fact, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will be there on time and whenever you need us. Also check out WesCoast Reefs for more.
Our aquarium and pond services include:
Tank observation to ensure proper equipment functionality
Water quality testing (pH, nitrite, ammonia, salinity, calcium, alkalinity)
Clean filtration system
Carbon replacement (as needed)
Filter Media replacement
Skimmer cleaner
Clean chiller filters
Siphoning of gravel and or sand
Cleaning of glass or acrylic interior / exterior
Water changes (with or without truck mount tank)
Placement or adjustment of water current flow
Livestock delivery
Acclimation of new livestock
Observation of animal behavior
Feeding of fish and coral (frozen or live)
Supply replenishing
Exterior acrylic buffing
Treat for fish sickness and disease
Cleaning of area surrounding tank