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#1 To claim comment sold numberprice. Must have a space between sold and number. No space between item number and price. Example #200 is $40 to claim it the correct claim would be- Sold 20040 

#2 We are not responsible for typos or if you accidentally remove them from the cart.

#3 If you are the first bidder you will get a message in your Instagram messenger to add it to your cart. Wait until the live sale is over to check out. 

#4 You have 6 hours to pay your invoice. If not paid it will automatically cancel your invoice and pass to the next person. Once it is passed you missed the item and will not be able to claim it again. 

#5 If you are not the first bidder you will get a message to be put on the waitlist. If the first bidder does not pay or passes you will be notified through messenger that you are the next bidder. You will have 3 hours to pay your invoice from the waitlist once you are notified. After 3 hours it goes to the next person. If no one pays for it by 15 hours it is added to the website. 

#6 If you want to get put on the waitlist you must reply right away to the automated message with Yes or No. It is a program and won’t recognize other responses. If you do not reply before you bid on a new item you won’t get put on the waitlist. 

#7 If you pass, the item will go to the next person who claimed it and is on the waitlist.

#8 Once the invoice is paid we can’t trade the items for something else. 

#9 Available list will be available on the website 15 hours after the sale is over. unless it is a special episode (ex 100 under $100, ballin’ on a budget, etc.)  then those corals from that episode will be released on the website 1-2 hours after the sale is over. 

#10 No live sale items can be paid in the store. You have to purchase the item through the website. No cash purchases. While in the store you can purchase any available items on the list from the website only.  You can come view the live sale items in the store from the available list before you purchase. Store Hours 11am-6pm 7 Days a Week

#11 For pick up we will hold the paid items for one week. After we ship on Tuesdays all items not picked up will be moved to a holding section. After a week we are not responsible for damage, if the item is missing, or deterioration. 

#12 Shipping is a flat fee of $49.99 for live sale items. You can combine all purchases from the live sales into one shipping rate for the week. If you do not get your order shipped that week and have it held until the following week if you add anything additional the 2nd week you will need to pay another $49.99 for shipping. We only guarantee the corals in store for one week.  Shipping, handling and insurance are all covered in the shipping price. Spend $399 on livestock from the website (not including livesale coral) and you will get Free Shipping.

#13 We will ship all live sale items on Tuesday morning for Wednesday arrival. 

#14 We ship UPS Next Day Air 12PM on all orders. Right now, UPS is not guaranteeing packages due to Covid. We do everything to ensure a healthy and safe delivery. Please acclimate if delivery is delayed. Any questions about acclimation please refer to the acclimation guide. 

#15 If corals arrive DOA you must take pictures within 2 hours of the delivery posted by UPS. We will verify with the tracking. We are not responsible for any packages left in cold or hot weather on the porch for multiple hours. Shipping charges are not covered and will not be reimbursed. 

#16 If a package arrives late or damaged due to UPS we need pictures of everything. No videos. We will file a claim. No credit will be given until the claim is approved through UPS. If your box is damaged, please send pictures of the box. UPS does not cover packages delayed due to severe weather, only mechanical or human error delays. 

#17 In regards to corals attached to frag plugs/discs- if you remove the frag plug or disc from the coral you void all guarantees, perishable policy and any credit we would offer. We are no longer responsible for the coral if it is removed from the disc or plug. 

#18 If you are given credit for your items, it can be applied towards your next live sale purchase. The credit cannot be applied towards shipping. You would have to pay shipping for any replacement corals. Once you receive credit for an item we will not issue additional credit for the item bought with credit. 

#19 We are not responsible for any shipments sent to the wrong address because the wrong address was entered at checkout. Please verify that your shipping information and address is correct. We will not reroute packages or issue any credit if you entered it wrong. 

#20 When viewing the Live Feeds, know that the coral is under Eco Tec XR-30 Gen 5 Blue. The preset is set for 100% Royal Blues and the coral viewing lens with the orange filter to block out the blue lighting. This intensifies the coral color and the coral may not look the same under the light in your aquarium.  

#21 All sales for coral are final sales. If there is a problem with a Coral Color or DOA. All money will be in the form of Credit towards future live sales only. No refunds

#22 In store livestock credit and LAX Livestock gift cards cannot be used on the live sale. No additional in store discounts can be applied towards live sale item. 

#23 Sometimes we do giveaways or statement credit. Free items cannot be substituted for another coral or credit. Giveaways are not guaranteed every live sale. Giveaway items are only given to customers who paid their invoice before the giveaway begins. Unpaid invoices at the time of the giveaway will not receive the free item. Giveaway items or items purchased with the statement credit will not be replaced if they arrive DOA. 

#24 If you have an open case through PayPal or Shopify with us you cannot bid on or buy any items from the live sale until the case has been resolved. 

#25 For any questions about shipping, invoice issues, etc. please contact us through our Contact page. 

#26 By Bidding and using this platform to buy corals you agree to our terms of LAX Aquarium’s policy of returns and credit.


Updated: July 2022