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EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 G5 PRO LED Aquarium Light


Uncompromising Performance.

The G5 delivers advancements that must be seen to be believed.

Since the introduction of our first Radion LED light, each generation has offered new features and better performance. The Radion G5 represents a giant step forward in lighting in both value and performance, leaving our competitors in the dust.

From Aquaculture to the home aquarium, there is a high likelihood that the coral you know and love has been grown or “colored-up” under a generation of Radion Pros.

Powerful. Flexible. Proven.

Radion® XR15 G5 PRO

Perfect for tanks 24-30 inches wide and deep. Comprehensive spectrum and performance.

Length 7in.(18cm)
Width 7in.(18cm)
Height 1.5in.(3.9cm)
Weight 3.5lbs.(1587g)
Power Specifications
Power Consumption 105W
Universal Input Range 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Peak Inrush Current 1.3A


The G5 heat sink has been designed from the ground up to maximize surface area and allow for superior heat dispersion. Multiple channels provide unrestricted airflow. This effective heat management greatly reduces the need for active cooling, which decreases fan and airflow noise.


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